5 Oils you should already be using

So i am sure you know that most oils are natural and many are good for the body, the inside as well as the outside. Many people only focus on inner well-being. I get that if you eat healthy, it shows on the outside, because you are nourished, your skin, nails, hair, everything, is nourished.  But not everyone enjoys eating healthy, and it doesn’t  work for everyone in any case, so we can make the effort from outside. People spend a lot of money, buying skincare products that promise many things, which we only find out much later, that they have failed to deliver.


I am not going to generalise and say it is so with all skin care products, but i have had disgusting reactions to face creams and face washes,that promise to be all natural and compatible with sensitive skin – on the packaging.

SO what do you do if the bottle that claims to be natural is not natural enough?

My solution is to just go straight to the natural product, the real thing, in its purest form. SO you are probably already thinking that this is a very expensive alternative. But, surprisingly, that is not the case, natural products, like oils (most – not all) are cheaper than the creams, lotions and potions that claim to have these in them.

With climate change and busy schedules, many people are unable to care for their skin and hair as much as they would like to. Dehydration (because of not taking in enough fluids), causes damage to skin and hair, making them very dry. So the best way to combat this, is to moisturise, and what better way to moisturise than with oil?

I have tried and tested many products – both natural and man-made, and i have found that i prefer natural products, because they rarely have side effects, if any.

My absolute favourite oil to use is OLIVE OIL. I use it on my skin as well as my hair. Once a week, i put some in my hair and massage it through, then rinse it out in the shower after about two hours. This keeps my hair looking glossy and healthy all week. However, i once made the mistake of pouring some into my shampoo (this is what lazy people do – lol) so that i got it into my hair every time i washed it, i would let it stay for a few minutes and then rinse it out. But when i rinsed my hair with cold water (hot water damages it), the oil would not rinse out completely and would leave my hair looking greasy and in clumps. So that is a no-go zone, unless you are okay with washing your hair with hot water. I don’t get why that happens though because i rinse it out with cold water all the time – if you know the reason, please comment and let me know.I have combination skin – so part oily and part dry, this makes it difficult to handle, because when i don’t moisturise, then it gets flaky and when i do moisturise, then its too oily.

So i have a mask that i make at least once a month and after washing it off, i apply the olive oil and leave it on for the rest of the day. Yes, i walk around with an oily face for the rest of the day, but it is definitely worth it, because it makes my skin gorgeously soft and moisturised.

Recipe for face Mask

2 tbl spoon Gram Flour

Lemon Juice

0.25 tsp Turmeric

Mix all 3 together to form a paste, apply evenly all over the face and wait for it to dry. once it is completely dry, wash it off with warm water, then rinse your face with cold water and apply the olive oil.

Before doing this, remember to tie your hair so it is out of the way, otherwise you’ll have a lovely mess.

You can use the olive oil that is used for cooking, you don’t have to buy a special kind.


Another Oil i love to use is coconut oil. My mother always used to put coconut oil in my hair when i was little and i absolutely hated it. Firstly, because of the strong scent of the coconut and second, because i used to be lazy to brush my hair and maybe brushed it once a week, and not even a proper brush. I’d brush the top section and tie it up to hide the knots (now i brush it at least thrice a day). So when it came to Friday night, i would be dreading the oil and head massage session, because my mum didn’t play around when it came to my hair, she would give it a thorough brushing until she got all my knots out, even if it meant i was screaming and crying at the end of it.

It took me too long to realise that if i just brushed my hair properly everyday, i would actually enjoy my Friday nights – hahaha. But i have learnt my lesson now and thankfully, i get to look after my hair all by myself.

I don’t use Coconut oil as often as i used to, especially after i started using olive oil, because olive oil is much lighter and the scent isn’t too strong either. But i do end up using it, like once in 3 months or something.

Another really good oil for the hair, is MUSTARD OIL. Now you don’t just find this stuff randomly and it has a disgusting texture and makes your hair limp and heavy and almost sticky, and God forbid you spill that stuff… You can’t just wipe it up in one go… it’s OILY like that! But it is also absolutely amazing. If you look at your hair and it reminds you of grass, then you  need to use this stuff (you should get it at any Indian spice shop or really big grocery store that stocks everything).

So how I basically use it (i have used it thrice in the last 5 years), is before i go to bed, i put little in my hair at a time, so like a tablespoon at a time, and rub it in until all  my hair is oily and feels disgusting. Then i comb all the knots out and braid my hair in a single plait, then i take an old scarf and wrap it around my head so i don’t mess my pillows or sheets and i go to bed.Then i shower as soon as i wake up and rinse it out with shampoo (a good shampoo is Palmolive’s Egg shampoo – it is epic!).

It takes a few proper washes to get it all out, but the result is amazing!

A really great oil for the face, that my mother loves, that i don’t really use (because that would be overdoing it) is Almond oil. It is good for the skin as it moisturises it, its also good for dark spots and dark circles. People also use it in their hair and on their nails. I haven’t tried that and i don’t know anyone personally who has. SO if you use this stuff, let me know in the comments below.

And last but not least (and most definitely the priciest of them all) is tea tree oil. I was introduced to this oil 2 years ago. My cousin asked me to buy her a bottle from The Body Shop and she uses it on her face (she has amazing skin by the way). SO i thought, hey, that’s her secret to her amazing skin, so i bought myself a bottle. I found it a bit expensive, especially if you compare it to the size of the bottle. Which is why i only use it when i feel my face needs some TLC, which is why i still have just over half of the bottle left. So what i do,is i put a few drops in to my palm and rub my hands together and apply it to my face. It burns slightly on open pores and damaged skin and smell very, like minty – kind of. It gets absorbed (or evaporates) almost instantly but it leaves my skin feeling healthy and well again.

So there you go guys, those are the 5 amazing oils that i love and you should definitely try some of them (and the mask and olive oil after? they are the very best, trust.)

Anyway, that’s it from me, let me know if you liked it.


Much Love,

Mariam R