Louis Vuitton Burns Merchandise?

If you know anything about fashion, then you certainly must have heard the name Louis Vuitton (you may not know how to pronounce it, but at this point, that doesn’t even matter).  What matters here, is that, THAT LV bag you saw in the store window the other day and really want but don’t know if you should get it now, or wait for next year in the hopes that they have a sale, is going to die a horrible death if it isn’t bought ASAP!

Yes darlings, if they don’t sell, they are set on fire!!

Before I get sued, let me just say two things, First, I don’t have proof of these activities but i found many articles about them (there is no smoke without fire). And Second, i get most of my pics from Pinterest… 😦

Okay, back to the sad story…

If like me, you hadn’t heard about this till now, then you are probably in shock and a little heart sore (Don’t deny it, I felt it too).

Being a fashion student, one would expect me to have conversations about fashion all the time with my college friends. But funny enough, that rarely ever happens, and when it does, they sure come up with some interesting stories and this one is one of them.

So during a conversation this morning, one of my friends, out of the blue announces :

“Did you know Louis Vuitton burns the bags they don’t sell???”


Whaaatt?? Noooo!!! You don’t just drop a bomb like that.. So after all the usual ‘I don’t believe that’ and ‘ that’s not possible”s, She whips out her phone and proves it to me by finding an article on it.

Never have I been this stunned. So according to this article, the bags that don’t sell don’t ever go on sale for clients. At some point, employees are offered them on sale and then once they decide that the discontinued bags have no value, they are set aflame!!

Bro!! you could feed a country with the money from those bags!!

They don’t want the bags being sold on the internet or flood the market and they get to stay in control of the demand.

It may be an epic business move, keeping them at the top of the game. But I feel its just such a sad waste, the effort, the materials, all that.

They must rather produce less or do custom made bags or something….

Or,  (BEST IDEA EVERRRR) give them to me!!! I Promise not to sell them, ever. I promise to not wear them everywhere and make them look cheap and lastly, I promise to only wear them with my Sunday bests and nothing less!!


Hahaha JK

But seriously though, think about it, wouldn’t you prefer they give you the bags? even if its with certain rules and regulations. At least Someone will use them.

Anyway, these are my thoughts on this story, Feel free to share your opinion.



Mariam R