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I study with amazing, dynamic women – who are stylish and fashionable (obviously due to the nature of our course – Fashion Design). But when it gets hectic, no one cares about what they’re wearing, Gym pants, torn tees and scuffed shoes become the norm.

This past week –  seeing as it’s the first week of the year, everyone’s outfits were on point and it was a real struggle choosing who to feature on this post, however, I chose 4 of my closest friends and i’m hoping to feature the rest in the future.

The Graphic Tee 

One of the most common trends I have noticed (and it is not a new trend) is the graphic tee. People are wearing t-shirts with text on the front, on the back, on the sleeve, any where really and it has come to a point where people no longer care what the t-shirt actually says or depicts, as long as it has text and looks  ‘cool’, it will be worn. I saw quite a bit of the T-shirt last week as you can see in the image compilation below.

1. graphic tee

Damaged Denim

Another thing I saw quite a bit of, is Denim, but not plain old simple denim, the frayed, distressed, ripped denim is what people seem to be into. Again, this last week, i saw a lot of it. Be it short shorts or boyfriend Jeans, the fray is everywhere.

2. Damaged Denim

The Turtle-neck 

I, for one am not attracted to Turtle-necks because they seem so warm and uncomfortable and usually unattractive. But, this turtle-neck dress Katelyn is wearing, I find is very attractive and cool at the same time. It is belted and has been paired with flat white sandals.


The Casual Blazer

Blazers are generally known for completing a formal outfit. They are usually worn with a blouse, which is then paired with a pair of pants or a skirt. However, lately, blazers are being paired with anything like a sundress, shorts and a T-shirt or even a crop top and still keep the outfit casual. Zaaki has paired her blazer with a black crop top, white Jeggings and a pair of flat black pumps. She looks casual but well put together at the same time.

4. The casual blazer

The Leather Jacket

Every grunge-girl’s secret weapon – a wardrobe staple – the leather jacket has been seen around for very long now. Although in many circles they are considered masculine, they just add a bit of much needed edge to everyday outfits. Also with the unpredictable weather, here in South Africa, it is the one thing you can wear without getting too hot and keeps the cold out, if need be. Kayla has paired her leather jacket with a plain white tee, black leggings with mesh details and Adidas Superstars. The leather jacket just completes her look and really ties her outfit together.

5. Leather Jacket

Short Shorts

How does one deal with the intense heat that has been enveloping Jo’burg lately? well, it definitely has to be by wearing the least amount of clothing one possibly can, and what better way to do it than to wear short shorts? And Katelyn has this look down to a T. She paired her denim short shorts with a black graphic tee and her Nike runners. She looks cool and casual.

6. Short Shorts


There is no better way to show your individuality and personality that in editing your clothing to suit you and show who you are and Anita has done exactly that, by cutting a black t-shirt, making it edgy, sexy and new. She shows off her curves without revealing too much and looks sexy as well as classy.


7 DIY top

The Skort

Not many people have heard  the term Skort before. I also recently just came across it, and a simple way to explain this term is that it is a combination of a pair of shorts and a skirt. This is done by adding a panel to the front of the shorts to make it look like a skirt from the front and it still looks like shorts at the back. Not many people can pull this one off, but Kayla did it quite nicely, by pairing it with a graphic tee and white sandals.

8. Skort

Mirrored Sunglasses

A fun and bright accessory that adds spunk and character to an outfit is a pair of colourful mirrored sunglasses. These shades in eye catching hues seem to be everybody’s favourite lately and Kayla is no exception to the rule. Her gorgeous blue-green tint shades with white frames are so versatile and can be worn in any setting really, provided there is some sunshine of course.

9. Tinted Shades

Statement Ring

One of the spunkiest and most stylish women I know, is Anita, who finds things to suit her and not change herself to suit something, and if it doesn’t suit her, she will change it to make it suit her. Her individuality is what makes her stand out in a crowd and this statement ring is just an example of her spunk and originality.

10 - Statement ring

Everyday Flats

It is impractical to wear heels on a daily basis, especially if you are half as busy as we usually are. Seeing as a typical day at college involves running from one lecture to the next, sewing, drawing and everything else in between, these flats only make the day more bearable and keep the hassle of having to walk carefully and not end up having to have an hour long foot-soak by evening.

everyday flats


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Mariam R

P.S. A huge thank you to my amazing friends Anita, Katelyn, Kayla and Zaaki for letting me take pictures of them and use them..