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Every self-respecting fashionista’s dream closet has at least 20 pairs of Loubies – or Christian Louboutin heels as they are formally known. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, allow me to enlighten you.

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Christian Louboutin is a 53 year old Fashion Designer who is best known for his shiny, red-lacquer soled shoes. His interest in stilettos was piqued in 1976 by a sign he saw at the Musèe national des Arts d’Afrique et d’Ocèanie – that forbade women from wearing sharp stilettos into a building for fear of damaging the wood flooring. He used that as inspiration, choosing to defy that by breaking rules and making women feel confident and empowered.

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Early on in his career, Louboutin worked as a freelance designer, designing for many of the top fashion houses at that time, some of which were Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Maud Frizon.

In 1991, Christian Louboutin opened a shoe salon in Paris and his first client was Princess Catherine of Monaco, who was later followed by Diane von Furstenberg and Catherine Deneuve. These gorgeous shoes have adorned the feet of many celebrities since, like Christina Aguilera, Joan Collins, Jennifer Lopez, Tina Turner, Nicki Minaj and Blake Lively. Although its single biggest client is Danielle Steele (Author/ Novelist), who owns over 6,000 pairs of Loubies and is said to have purchased up to 80 pairs at a time when shopping at the Christian Louboutin stores.

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Blake Lively wearing the Pigalle Spiked Pump

Although the red sole is protected as a trademark in some countries, it is yet to be trademarked worldwide, resulting in disputes due to imitation of this sole by other designers.

Louboutins are priced anywhere from $495 to $6,000 and custom made pairs start at $4000, making them sought after, exclusive products.

In 2011, Christian Louboutin expanded the shoe range in order to accommodate menswear, which is when the popular Brogue was created. Two years later, the company expanded some more, providing their wealthy clients with beauty products such as nail lacquer and lipsticks.

One of the most popular and revolutionary shoe ranges created by Louboutin is the Nude Stiletto range, which was introduced to the public in 2013 and features 7 different shades of nude, from Porcelain, which is Nude 1 to Deep Chocolate, which is Nude 7, catering to every skin tone out there.

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In April, last year, Louboutin took the range one step further by launching the Solasofia, which is a dainty ballet pump, also available in all the Nude shades, for those who don’t do toe pinching stilettos.

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Christian Louboutin shoes exude an understated elegance that other brands dismally fail to pull off. They lack frivolous fripperies but are still stunning and can truly compliment any outfit or look. Although the brand primarily caters to women’s evening wear, they also have more casual shoes like sandals, espadrilles, boat shoes and sneakers. They also have some really cool funky designs created with the use of various prints, studs, diamante’s and the like.

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