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If you, (like me) are obsessed with watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, then surely you must have have heard of Huda Beauty. Makeup mogul and beauty blogger, with over 17.8 million followers on her Instagram page and 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, she is one of the most popular bloggers on the Worldwide Web.

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Both her parents are Iraqi but she was born and brought up in the US. She wasn’t always in the beauty industry as she graduated with a degree in Finance from the University of Michigan in 2008. She didn’t enjoy working in the world of finance and quickly made a switch to beauty by enrolling at the Joe Blasco makeup school in Los Angeles. She worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, one of who is Eva Longoria.

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Huda with Eva Longoria

In 2010, she launched her blog in order to share her experiences and beauty inspirations. Her tutorials showed in depth makeup application techniques, making them easy to follow and thus popularizing them internationally. Some of her most liked and watched tutorials show how to achieve the Kardashian look by utilizing the contouring and strobing, techniques that have received some sort of appreciation by every makeup artist out there.

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Huda Kattan is the CEO and face of her cosmetics company that she started and runs with both her sisters, Alya and Mona Kattan. Their makeup products include false lashes, liquid lipsticks, eye shadow palettes and stick-on nails, which are some of the most sought after makeup products in the industry. These are stocked at various Sephora stores worldwide and are also available from the official Huda Beauty shopping website .

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The Kattan Sisters

Huda has been intrigued by makeup and beauty from the age of 14, watching her elder sister, Alya dress up and helping shape Alya and her friends’ eyebrows.

While at university, Huda regularly sent out emails to friends and family, sharing her experiences with the latest beauty products she was trying out. She moved to Dubai in 2008 with her husband Christopher ( her parents had already moved to Dubai and settled there in 2003). That was the start of her journey and I doubt she has ever had cause to look back.

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Huda and husband Christopher

Some may assume that her fame stems from her beautiful face. Although that is part of the reason, Huda has put in endless hours of work and energy into creating the image and brand that she now is. Constant researching and keeping up to date with the latest products on the market have kept her ahead in the industry. Apart from that, Huda is a very private person, using her social media to share and promote beauty and makeup trends by any and everyone, rather than post about herself. This has endeared her to her viewers, making her more approachable as a person.

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This is only the beginning of the reign of Queen Huda in the kingdom of beauty and makeup and I’m excited to see what else she has in store! She is most definitely one of my favourite beauty bloggers and makeup artists ( among others – because one can never have too many faves 😉).

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