#WCW – Emily Ratajkowski

This weeks woman crush has got to be Emily Ratajkowski, stunning model and actress. The 25 year old brunette has been making waves ever since she featured in the Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke ft TI and Pharrell) music video, which shot her to instant fame because of her near nude appearance.

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However, Emrata, as she is known by her fans, has never been afraid to show her skin, pairing the highest of slits with the lowest of necklines. Apart from being very comfortable in her skin,Ratajkowski is also a very outspoken feminist, choosing to take on anyone who passes anti-feminist comments and this has resulted in a few twitter-feuds. A woman who is gorgeous, intelligent and stands up for herself and other women?? WHAATTT??!!!

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She has been making headlines in the industry lately because of her latest feature in a DKNY ad, where she is seen walking her dog in nothing but lingerie and a pair of boots and although many consider it unrelatable, don’t you sometimes wish you didn’t have to get dressed for that early morning walk your dear pet insists on? Well, each to their own, but you can watch the ad here, if you haven’t seen it already.

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Ratajkowski was born in England in 1991 but grew up in California, USA. She has appeared on magazine covers of different genres, including Erotica, Sports and Fashion and has also had appearances in some music video’s. Emrata made her runway debut in Marc Jacobs’ show at New York Fashion Week in 2015.

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She has also been seen in many movies and has graced many red carpet events, making her one of the most followed celebrities.

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One has to applaud this gorgeous lady’s sense of style and fashion. It isn’t everyone that lands themselves on the hottest and best dressed lists on multiple occasions.

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This one was specially for my ‘less words, more pictures’ people!!

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